About Concatly

Concatenate is defined as to bring something together.

String concatenation is a very familiar term in Computer Science. Every developer has to work on joining two or more strings everyday in his life.

At Concatly, we believe knowledge can be joined together to help everyone in their daily life.

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Knowledge cannot be limited to only one domain. Right now we are starting with Software Engineering related knowledge, but we plan to expand over other verticals in the coming days.

We are hoping to expand our horizon. If you want to collaborate with us or get in touch with us regarding anything, feel free to contact us.

Vishesh Ahuja

Vishesh Ahuja, Founder Concatly

Vishesh is currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at Naukri.com. He passed out of Delhi College of Engineering in 2016 and likes to play Foosball. He loves traveling and is an exercise freak. His expertise includes Java, PHP, Python, Databases, Design and Architecture.